Sunday, November 28, 2021
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BREAKING NEWS: Watches of Switzerland buys Betteridge, a Ben Bridge store...

Spending spree buys businesses in Greenwich, Connecticut, Plano, Texas, and Mall of America outside Minneapolis.

Ben Bridge arms associates with Salesfloor mobile clienteling and virtual selling...

Technology helps sales associates connect with customers with video chat, appointment setting, live chat, email, text messaging, associate storefronts and customer insights.

All new 2020 Rolex watches reviewed by the experts who sell...

Authorized dealers share their views on the style, engineering and commercial appeal of Rolex's 2020 novelties.

Ben Bridge pilots sales associates without stores

Experiment is part of a rising trend of clienteling, where existing customers are contacted directly for a consultation that might take place in a cafe, home or garden.

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Lisa Bridge on how she steered Ben Bridge...

Under two years into taking control of the company, Ms Bridge found herself grappling with the greatest business challenge since World War II. What’s more, she was still in the maternity ward having just given birth to her first daughter, Rose.

Rolex dealers report strongest demand in quarter of a century

Rolex ADs are reporting a frenzy of demand for 2020 watches launched this week.

Ben Bridge CEO gave order to close almost 100 stores from...

Lisa Bridge was recuperating after the birth of her daughter in March when Covid forced her to shutter the entire Ben Bridge network.

East and West Coast lock-downs force watch and jewelry stores to...

California and New York are the worst affected areas, but many other multiples are acting ahead of government orders to shutter their stores.

Ringleader of gang that stole watches worth $6m in California jailed...

The leader of a gang that stole watches worth $6 million from several Southern California jewelers over the past three years has been sentenced to...