Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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CORDER’S COLUMN: Bye, bye Basel, you will not be missed

Baselworld's organizer has confirmed it is consulting on a new name, location and format for its annual watch and jewelry fair.

EXCLUSIVE: Baselworld name abandoned as organizer contemplates a new format in...

Team behind Baselworld has not given up on creating a brand new show for up to 600 exhibitors.

BREAKING NEWS: Baselworld cancelled for 2021

Owner MCH Group abandons plans to hold exhibition in January next year, paving the way for coordinated events in Geneva.

WATCHPRO ORIGINALS: Robin Swithinbank discusses Covid 19’s impact on media, marketing...

Mr Swithinbank wants to know the whole story behind the Rolex-led walk out of Baselworld and hopes the world will rally around a single mega fair next year.

LVMH watch brands join Rolex-led exodus out of Baselworld

TAG Heuer, Bulgari, Hublot and Zenith says they cannot preserve their brand image at a Baselworld shorn of its biggest brands.

Baselworld accuses exhibitors of orchestrating a secret plot to move to...

Show's owner MCH Group says it will decide on the future of the show in the next few weeks.

Retailers and press say Baselworld will be missed but not mourned

Watch retailers and reporters from around the world welcome brands rallying to a single show in Geneva, but pine for the glory days of Baselworld

ARIEL’S ESSAYS: Baselworld’s demise is part of deeper problem with the...

"Swiss solidarity" is a concept that we will see over and over again in the months to come as the luxury houses start to feel like it is them against the world, suggests aBlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams.

CORDER’S COLUMN: Rolex delivers final coup de grâce for Baselworld

The departure of Rolex and Patek Philippe will be remembered as the death knell for Baselworld, but the seeds of its failure go back much further.

Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tudor, Chopard and Chanel leave Baselworld

The brands have informed the show's management that it had failed to consult its major exhibitors about key decisions regarding the postponement of this year's event.