Saturday, October 16, 2021
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ARIEL’S ESSAYS: Watch brands are failing at retailing online in just...

Authorized dealers are the retail experts. They are best at delighting customers across physical and digital stores.

ARIEL’S ESSAYS: Watchmaking conglomerates have a people problem

Wristwatch industry recovery will be painfully slow unless hiring practices are radically revised

ARIEL’S ESSAY: Rolex retailers should be advertising online

Although Rolex watches cannot be sold online, it does not mean they should not be promoted by their authorized dealers.

ARIEL’S ESSAYS: Not all watch brands should be seduced by direct-to-consumer...

Even as the world is enduring global economic shutdown, luxury watch brands continue to plan the next phase of their sales strategies – which, for many companies, will rely heavily upon internet sales.

ARIEL’S ESSAYS: Baselworld’s demise is part of deeper problem with the...

"Swiss solidarity" is a concept that we will see over and over again in the months to come as the luxury houses start to feel like it is them against the world, suggests aBlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams.

ARIEL’S ESSAYS: Swiss watchmakers could benefit long term from Covid-19 crisis

Coronavirus is forcing every business in the world to confront their digital vulnerabilities and the luxury watch business is further behind than most.

aBlogtoWatch bags Revolution USA’s publisher as director of North American sales

Media sales veteran Jay Gullers joins Los Angeles-based luxury watch title.

ARIEL’S ESSAYS: To rescue itself, watch retail needs to discover itself...

aBlogtoWatch editor and owner Ariel Adams argues that retailers need to build their own brand, not simply rely on Swiss watchmakers to define them.