Sunday, October 17, 2021
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ARIEL’S ESSAYS: Watch collectors and enthusiast consumers kept the watch industry...

aBlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams argues this year has shown brands must master building lasting relationships with customers, or they will move on.

WATCHPRO ORIGINALS: aBlogtoWatch’s Ariel Adams on how the watch industry is...

Speaking from Los Angeles, we discuss how retailers and brands are being forced to change entrenched positions on how to delight customers, and most of them are failing.

THE BIG INTERVIEW: aBlogtoWatch owner Ariel Adams on the ever-changing media...

These are tough times for the specialist watch media, but aBlogtoWatch is still expanding and innovating.

ARIEL’S ESSAYS: To rescue itself, watch retail needs to discover itself...

aBlogtoWatch editor and owner Ariel Adams argues that retailers need to build their own brand, not simply rely on Swiss watchmakers to define them.

Ask Ariel: Why do watch brands have such a contentious relationship...

Ariel says the luxury watch industry relies exclusively on marketing to generate demand for sales and without a plan, industry professionals would be working out of glorified garages.

ASK ARIEL: Should the luxury watch industry be hoping for a...

Next year in 2020 the United States will be ramping up for a new Presidential election. How might the outcome create opportunities or challenges for the global watch market?

ASK ARIEL: Should jewelers keep working with independent watchmakers?

In an era of mega groups dominating the retail landscape, aBlogtoWatch owner and editor-in-chief Ariel Adams argues there is more romance in working with the indies.

Biver lays out extent of restructure at TAG Heuer

Jean-Claude Biver has explained that his mission to restructure TAG Heuer has effected every layer of the business from manufacturing and management to distribution...