Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Apple tipped to launch Explorer Edition smartwatch into G-SHOCK market this...

Seven years after the introduction of its first Apple Watch, Cupertino's $2.8 trillion tech giant is looking to conquer the rugged watch market.

Smartwatches spot signs of covid before symptoms appear

The study by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai tracked data from 297 healthcare workers wearing Apple Watches.

Even five years’ ago Apple looked like it might wipe out...

Apple's Watch Series 6 offers so much health and fitness technology, it is likely to be better at spotting early signs of Covid before you are.

Apple Watch taps into wearable sensor market as industry triples to...

Despite COVID-19 setbacks, the industry is expected to progress back to significant growth from 2021, reaching annual revenue of over $8bn per year by 2031.

Latest Apple Watch could spot signs of Covid-19

Apple Watch Series 6 has been given a shot in the arm with sensors that could provide early warnings of respiratory conditions like influenza and Coronavirus.

Smartwatch market splinters along special interest lines

Smartwatches were supposed to have wiped out the Swiss watchmaking industry by now. Despite 31 million Apple Watches being sold last year, it is a long way from taking down the traditionalists.

Hodinkee fraternizes with the enemy as it becomes authorized dealer for...

Six years after Apple first launched its smartwatch, the company now sells more watches in a quarter than the entire Swiss industry in a year.

Apple shipped twice as many watches in Q1 as the whole...

The entire Swiss watch industry exported 3.8 million watches in the first three months of the year while Apple shipped 7.6 million units.

Smartwatches outsell Swiss-made watches by more than three to one

In 2019, Morgan Stanley research shows sales of 67.3 million smartwatches in 2019, compared to 20.6 million Swiss watches.

G-Shock steps up the fight to wrestle fitness wristwatch market back...

Casio looks like it has a contender with the launch of a sporty G-Shock with built-in heart monitor and GPS tracking.