TAG Heuer unveils new generation of luxury connected watches

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TAG Heuer, a pioneer of the luxury connected watch trend since 2015, has added another timepiece to its resume – the TAG Heuer Connected Watch.

It is a chronograph-inspired timepiece with smart watch capabilities such as a tracker for activities like running, golf, cycling and walking, a heart rate monitor and an accompanying mobile app.

The watch is customizable, coming in 45mm stainless steel and titanium options, and offering the choice of five different always-on mechanical or digital-inspired faces.


The timepiece’s smart functions are powered by Google’s Wear OS software.

It also comes with a ceramic bezel and the option of a black rubber strap or a steel option with folding buckle.

The dial features an ultra-legible all-active OLED touchscreen protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The screen alternates between active and ambient mode, preserving battery life, while a magnetic battery charger and bespoke travel pouch come as standard.

TAG Heuer’s chief strategy and digital officer Frédéric Arnault, who has led the ambitious project since its start 18 months ago, said: “The TAG Heuer Connected watch was designed and engineered with the same passion and attention to detail as our mechanical watches. Quality of execution is paramount in everything we do, and we never compromise on aesthetics or emotion. The Connected watch is not only a beautiful timepiece, it’s a truly immersive experience, as it now sits within a complete TAG Heuer digital ecosystem geared towards performance and sports.”

He added: “The navigation has been deeply refined so the product is as intuitive and easy to use as possible, both in everyday life and during sports sessions. It expresses the brand in a completely new way and offers limitless possibilities in terms of innovation for the future. Thanks to the talent and dedication of our teams, the new connected is a truly brand-defining product that will lead the way into a new era for TAG Heuer.”

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