TAG Heuer unveils Apple Store-style concept at its latest showroom


TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver and the watchmaker’s brand ambassador Bella Hadid were in Japan this week to unveil a world-first modular boutique concept in Ginza.

The showroom has a large digital façade that can show rolling video-based promotions to passers-by on the street.

Inside, the shop aims to immerse customers into the brand story and give them the chance to touch and feel the watches, or to click from home and collect in store.


The plan is to give customers total independence when purchasing a watch, with a range of options including online ordering with in-store pick-up or a more comprehensive introduction to watches in a more traditional store on the second floor.


A massive digital screen above the showroom allows TAG Heuer to show constantly-changing promotions.


Similar to an Apple Store concept, the TAG Heuer sales team is present at all times, permanently connected to iTAG displays through their connected watch, which informs them directly if a customer wishes to try on the model they have selected.

“The seller now plays a new role, either centrally, adding emotion and relevance to the customer experience, or acting simply as a facilitator,” TAG Heuer describes.


Inside the new Ginza concept store.


Mr Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and president of the LVMH Group Watch Division, explains: “Now, more than ever, luxury equates to authenticity, simplicity, space and time. At TAG Heuer, we translate this as individuality, quality, service and exclusivity. This new boutique concept is perfectly in line with the avant-garde spirit of the brand. The Ginza boutique is the perfect setting to showcase this innovation, since ensuring excellence in customer service is firmly rooted in the local culture of Japan.”

Ms Hadid, who was selected as a brand ambassador as much for her connection to contemporary life for younger customers as for her supermodel looks, said was completely at home with the interactive technology, particularly the new iTAG displays.

With just a few clicks on the iPad built into the iTAG screens, the customer can browse and select watches by themes or collection.


iPads are built into the modular store’s displays that then communicate to the customer’s smartphone.


Having chosen a watch, or two, customers can transfer their selection to a mobile device, which allows them to extend their purchasing experience outside of the store when they log into my tagheuer.com.

“This new boutique is truly amazing! The watches are so easy to access, which makes purchasing the watch so much simpler. And it’s great fun to be able to select the watches so easily just using the iPad,” said Ms Hadid.

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