TAG Heuer keeps track of wellness gains on its latest Connected smartwatch app


An upgrade to TAG Heuer’s Connected smartwatch app is making it easier for people to track the gains they are making through their exercise and lifestyle choices.

The TAG Heuer Wellness app shows progress towards goals on a dashboard tracking minutes spent in fat-burn, cardio and peak zones.

Users can see at a glance how each active minute benefited their bodies.


The aim is to motivate people to make steady, healthy progress by focusing on three metrics: daily steps, daily calories burned, and active minutes per week.

These baseline measures are in addition to specialist features for different sports.

On the same day as TAG Heuer unveiled its Wellness app upgrade, it also added new features to its Connected Golf Edition app including enhanced maps and a club recommendation tool.

“With the Wellness app, we are adding a new pillar to our Connected watch product offering. Within a year, the TAG Heuer Connected has established its status in elegance and sports. It has been embraced by golfers, cyclists, runners and a wide range of other sports buffs. In addition to elegance and performance, our users also expressed a strong interest for tracking their wellness. We value their input; we know how important it is to remain active these days. And we created the TAG Heuer Connected Wellness app for them,” says TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault.

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