TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch dives into swimmers’ market


It seems improbable that Swiss watchmakers will keep pace with Apple, Garmin and Samsung with smartwatch advances, but TAG Heuer continues to try and this week adds a swimming tracker to its range of sports apps for its Connected timepiece.

Swimming is added to TAG Heuer’s suite of sports, health and wellness apps for running, cycling, walking and golf.

TAG Heuer’s Connected will show a swimmer the number of laps completed, total distance and interval breakdowns.


On their smartphone, they can explore additional information such as calories burned, analysis of strokes and pace, and a summary of the entire session.

It has automatic lap detection using the watch’s accelerometer and gyroscope to notice the start and finish of each lap.

While swimming, the always-on screen will display the elapsed time, number of laps completed, total distance and interval breakdowns.

TAG Heuer has developed a custom algorithm to detect whether the swimmer is using freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly, and the pace for each type of stroke can be logged and analyzed on a smartphone.

The Swiss watchmaker has also improved its app for runners so that it better recognizes activity on a treadmill or other indoor training space.

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