Swiss watch manufacturer part of team-up to produce Triple Crossover Watch Fusion NFT


Marvel’s digital graphic artist Bosslogic and Swiss Luxury watch manufacturer Quinting have joined forces to produce the one and only Coinllectibles Triple Crossover Watch Fusion NFT.

Being one of only 25 Swiss watch movement manufacturers, Quinting is a pioneer in the watchmaking industry with exceptional technology and was the first to use sapphire crystal to manufacture a watch movement to create a completely transparent wristwatch.

Quinting is reputed to be the only manufacturer in the world that uses a unique movement in sapphire to manufacture a watch which is also impossible to copy.

Apart from the state-of-the-art technology, the high-quality workmanship of the watch makers is also the key for Quinting to produce their aesthetic timepieces

Depicted as a peace symbol, Quinting’s famous “The Dove of Geneva” collection is known as “the watch of presidents”.

Many political leaders are the owners of “The Dove of Geneva”, including the former US president Bill Clinton and the former UN president Joseph Deiss.

Kode Abdo, the graphic artist from Melbourne, Australia, is the founder and artist behind the Instagram account Bosslogic that has over 2 million followers.

Bosslogic has created official posters for different blockbuster movies, including Marvel’s Avengers and Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin.

For this partnership, Bosslogic will provide the graphic design, whilst Quinting will incorporate it into the watch.

Coinllectibles will mint the watch into a Fusion NFT, creating the unique triple crossover – the “Bosslogic X Quinting X Coinllectibles” Fusion NFT.

The minted Fusion NFT will provide ownership title to the watch, which unless previously sold will be displayed in Coinllectibles Fusion NFT-art gallery at the Victoria Dockside, home also to K11 Musea, in one of the most prestigious art real-estate in Hong Kong.

Pascal Berclaz, CEO of Quinting, said: “This Triple Crossover is creating history, a marriage of modern graphic art, traditional century old luxury watch making, and the most advanced Fusion NFT.”



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