Swiss watch export growth to UK levels out in October but country remains Europe’s largest

year to date October 2017 by country

Exports of Swiss watches to the United Kingdom were worth CHF 122.3 million (£99.3m) in October, according to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry.

The UK market remains comfortably the largest in Europe, with exports to Germany rising to CHF 97m in October and CHF 82 million to France. Exports to Italy were roughly level with October 2016 at CHF 105m.

Globally, Swiss watch industry exports continued to profit from the recovery of some key markets in Asia and benefited from a very favourable base effect in October.

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Total global exports rose sharply by 9.3% against October 2016 to reach more than CHF 1.8 billion.

Sales to Hong Kong rose in October by 15.8%, to China by 18.2% and to Japan by 21.7%.

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