Swiss startup The Electricianz bring disruptive creativity to watch market


MDS Time Limited, UK distributor for Sevenfriday watches, is introducing The Electricianz, a brand new Swiss watchmaker, to market next month.

The Electricianz, based in Bienne, promises to bring “unprecedented mix of luxury, disruptive creativity and affordability” in a range of £300 watches.

How the watches’ use of electricity differs from the millions of other battery-driven timepieces is hard to fathom from a technical perspective, but it is front and centre of the three watch collection’s design.

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The Electricianz says its watches are strongly influenced by contemporary visual arts and underground cultures.

Its electrically-powered movement is visible through the front and the back of the watch and uses a battery and conductors as features of the dial.

“An Electricianz watch is a call to one’s inner childish curiosity about the physical world, from the time where quests consisted of uncovering “how things work”, explains founder and CEO Laurent Rufenacht.

Arnaud Duval, the brand’s creative director, adds: “The universe of The Electicianz is so rich, so deeply inspired that it was a thrilling experience to be designing for the brand. I really wanted to create an emotional link between the watch and its owner.”

The official unveiling will take place on October 3.


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