Swiss maker Alpina joins Richemont and LVMH brands in raising UK prices


Alpina’s UK distributor Argento Fine Products has confirmed that prices for the brand increased earlier this month.

The price rise was part of a realignment of prices following Britain’s vote to leave the EU, which triggered a fall in the value of the pound of around 10%, making prices in the UK cheaper than the rest of the world.

Richemont Group and LVMH have also raised prices by around 10% this month, but Swatch Group and Rolex have yet to announce any adjustments.


Argento Fine Products’ biggest brand, Frederique Constant, has not yet increased prices, but the distributor told WatchPro that it did expect it to do so, “maybe in November,” co-owner Giuseppe Ferro said.

Mr Ferro added that the UK prices would remain very competitive, with the fall in the value of the pound exceeding the price rise for Alpina.


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