Swatch x You concept lets customers create one-of-a-kind watches


Swatch is rolling out a customization concept in America that encourages customers to make one-of-a-kind watches.

Known as Swatch x You, it lets consumers choose from a range of designs inspired by nature, street art and geometric shapes that are placed on the strap of the watch. The designs are on large canvases and any part of the image can be chosen so that there is almost no chance of two watches being identical.

They can also pick a colour for the inner gear mechanism and add a short message to be written on the back of the case.


The configuration can all be done online, but people can be shown through the process at Aventura Mall in Miami, Mall of America in Minnesota, NYNY Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Powell Street in San Francisco and Times Square & World Trade Center in New York.

Each watch costs $125.

First the customer picks a design by moving a ghost watch over various pieces of artwork.
Then the watch is created before being inscribed with a message on the back.


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