Swatch works with Keith Haring Studio on street art-inspired Mickey Mouse watches


Swatch’s first collaboration of 2021 is with the studio of 1980s New York activist and pop artist Keith Haring for a series of three Mickey Mouse watches.

The late Mr Haring joins a long line of artists that have designed Swatch watches, including Kiki Picasso, Alfred Hofkunst and David LaChapelle x Amanda Lepore.

Mr Haring, who died of AIDS in 1990, is said to have wanted to collaborate on a watch with Swatch during his lifetime, and his eponymous studio adopted his street art style for the collection of three pieces that go on sale in January.


They feature Disney’s Mickey Mouse reimagined with Haring’s signature aesthetic, vibrant energy and colors.

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  1. You should be embarrassed to call your site WatchPro with an article like this. How is Haring joining ranks he’s already been part of since his original, highly sought after set of Swatch specials released in 1986? He did collaborate with Swatch in his lifetime and it’s widely known. Report responsibly… Do your research, then write.


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