Swatch Group CEO dashes hopes that MoonSwatch will be sold online


Sometimes stories get a momentum of their own and nobody ever bothers to go back to check the facts.

Several strands of the MoonSwatch story are like this.

The scale of the worldwide hysteria overtook any forensic investigation into the launch, so hearsay became lore as debate raged across social and mainstream media.


Customers have voiced frustration at rationing of MoonSwatches at stores, with flippers seemingly more expert at getting their hands on limited supply.

Swatch Group called for patience by genuine customers that wanted to buy and wear the MoonSwatch, promising at the end of March: “We do our best to fulfill demand and we hope that anyone who is moonstruck by this Omega x Swatch collaboration will soon be able to lay their hands on one of these watches.

The group asserted that production is not limited, so supply would eventually catch up with demand.

Swatch Group went on to say that while the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection is not available “for the time being” for purchase online. “We remind you that it is not a limited-edition and will soon be available again in selected Swatch stores.”

This was taken to mean that, in time, Swatch would sell the MoonSwatch online, but that is not exactly what the statement says, and last month group CEO Nick Hayek hinted strongly that he may never go the ecommerce route for the Swatch x Omega collaboration.

In an interview with Fratello Watches, Mr Hayek says that MoonSwatch is only available in 110 Swatch boutiques worldwide and on no e-commerce platforms.

“There’s no emotion in online buying. It’s a carefully produced Swiss Made watch and not a commodity. After the whole world had to stay at home for two years because of covid, it was about time to celebrate and to bring the people back on the streets, meet together, and revive the brick-and-mortar stores,” he tells Fratello founder and editor-in-chief Robert-Jan Broer.

“The MoonSwatch is not about to make as much money as possible in the shortest possible time period. So why should we sell it online?” he adds.

Only 110 Swatch stores worldwide sold the MoonSwatch at launch, but it appears the success of the collaboration collection will lead to an expansion of the brick and mortar network.

“There are more Swatch stores opening in many places where today you have none, and they will start to sell MoonSwatches soon,” he reveals.

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  1. What a tool. The CEO that is. Sorry but Covid changed the entire landscape of shopping and he thinks his one piss-ant watch is going to change that. We don’t even have a swatch store in NC. I wasn’t even planning on getting one of these, or it certainly wasn’t a must have. I was actually waiting for my AD to get in a moon phase speedy. But after reading this tool’s comments, not sure I even want that anymore.

    • Ah, but Covid also changed supply chain. These watches may be Swiss assembled but many parts are likely from China where factories are still severely impacted by various covid related measures. The quantity required for online sales would be too much to fulfill, judging from the initial reaction of the public. So, for the time being, the production is limited not as a marketing ploy but due to factory capacity.

  2. Swatch is encouraging people into profiteering in Carousel and eBay platform by not selling online, this is not the way to conduct business, CEO Nick Hayek please step down!!!

  3. I’m not going to buy it just so he can drive traffic into his store. Our Swatch store went belly up a few years back so I understand the business case behind the decision – but I’m not driving hours just for a plastic watch.

  4. So there’s 10 Swatch stores in the US, does this CEO actually think that people are going to travel two or three states away to buy a $300 dollar watch? not realistic in any terms.

  5. Yeah, f this dood, and f the moonswatch. Was super excited to get one, but I sure as hell ain’t dragging my ass down to the ONE swatch store in the city just to get one.

  6. Because Swatch stores are so frigging lame and full of junk watches that this is the only way this bozo can drag anyone in there. Have a better strategy than selling to scalpers; you ain’t rolex no matter how much you want to

  7. I’m a Disabled Marine. Housebound from military service. I can’t go to San Francisco to wait in line to buy a watch. I contacted corporate, as well as main headquarters in Switzerland. I asked about a reasonable accommodation and they told me “the moon watch will only be sold in stores. No accommodation will be made.” Classic Xbox and PlayStation strategy. Keep demand high by constricting supply, keeping buzz and interest high. Pulling buyers into the store In hope of up selling or impulse buying. Having secondary markets over valuing the product making it more exclusive. It’s brilliant marketing. It’s also a garbage way to treat people. Why buy a swatch when you can buy the real thing online from the manufacturer?

  8. This guy makes no sense at all “There’s no emotion in online buying. It’s a carefully produced Swiss Made watch and not a commodity” yet swatch sells plenty of watches online lol. Its just a strategy to force people into the stores. The moon Swatch wont be available and they hope that you will buy something else.

  9. Absolute rubbish. Let him explain how so many online and physical stores are charging 4 to 5 times market costs. And I am not talking about eBay. I cam visit shopping malls where I live and non-Swatch boutiques have all models on display ready to go at stupidly inflated prices. Same with my IG account. To deny mail order purchases is farcical, don’t tell me the shops here in the next world cup venue all went into the Swatch boutiques and bought their stock. Brings pain to my guts with annoyed laughter. I have several Omega watches, original moonwatch, Ltd bond DC seamaster, even a constellation hummer from 1972. Sadly I also have a Saturn bought for silly money before I learned true price. Won’t make same mistakes again. Omega/Swatch wise up and stop fleecing your customers. If we wanted to be fleeced we’d buy a Rolex.

  10. screw him. 110 stores WORLDWIDE what are the chances boston gets one…..im not holding my breath. “its a carefully produced swiss swatch” BROOOOO you literally sell 280 products (under mens) online. GTFO with the excuses.

  11. Wow! That CEO just singlehandedly dropped the Swatch brand name from the list of so many potential customers and serious watch enthusiasts! A “carefully produced Swiss watch????” What a tool! Its a cheap throwaway battery powered watch with a $1 movement! Get real! And how do you go and say that everyone should go inside stores to buy things in a Covid/Post Covid world??? I cant imagine that he wont get fired for those words!

  12. “It’s a carefully produced Swiss Made watch and not a commodity”

    check ebay mate – sellers on there with 13 watches for sale. You have made it a commodity for scalpers and hypebeasts instead of selling directly to watch enthusiasts.

    And now you look like a smarmy w*nker

    i was going to buy myself a planet ocean next month but this has soured me on Omega.

    what a clown


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