Swatch campaign wraps round central line tube


Swatch has launched a new advertising campaign on the central line tube network, with the ads wrapping an entire tube train.

Swatch, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, launched its new advertising campaign on the central line tube network earlier this week.

The advert, which wraps around an entire tube train, is promoting the brand’s latest watch collection, Scuba Libre. The advertising campaign will run for three months, until 22 September.

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The livery focuses on the Scuba Libre; Mad About the Sea concept and features bright sea urchins and watches on the tube panels. Tube car panels inside the train will also advertise the Scuba Libre watch collection.

The campaign is also being supported through advertising on the Virgin Media London Underground Wi-Fi network, which will drive commuters to the Swatch UK e-commerce website.

Meanwhile, 20 second slots on the cross-track panels will feature the latest TV campaign, which includes global pop star Mika and his hit single titled Underwater, from his most recent album.

The Scuba Libre collection comprises nine watches.

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