Superstar rapper Future gives a gold Rolex to his 5-year-old son


As if the current Rolex drought isn’t tough enough, now WatchPro learns that 5-year-olds are already taking ownership of the latest models.

TMZ reports that Atlanta rapper Future gave his son, Baby Future, a brand new Rolex for his 5th birthday.

The watch appears to be a gold Ladies’ Datejust, which might explain why Baby Future’s reaction was somewhat muted.

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That did not stop the lad strutting around his birthday party wearing the watch.

With a few links taken out of the bracelet, it will be a perfect fit for the young man, perhaps pointing to a significant commercial opportunities for Rolex authorized dealers.



Reaction from Future’s followers on Instagram was not entirely supportive of the Rolex gift.

“Dumbest shit ever…buy him some damn toys,” argued one.


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