Successful Meerson pop-up secures ongoing placement with Watches of Switzerland


A successful pop-up installation for Meerson at the Soho showroom for Watches of Switzerland in New York has led to an ongoing placement for the luxury independent watchmaker.

“It was wonderful to meet so many savvy connoisseurs and owners at the Soho store of Watches of Switzerland, and to experience their enthusiasm for Meerson. We are looking forward to developing our North American presence as we move through 2020,” Alexandre Meerson, the watch brand’s eponymous founder and creative director tells WatchPro.

“We were highly gratified by the strong response from Watches of Switzerland customers to our December residency. The success of this popup has demonstrated that Watches of Switzerland Soho is an ideal location for Meerson – a haven of peace and refinement in a vibrant city. We are excited to continue the relationship,” he adds.


Meerson was selected as one of Watches of Switzerland’s Designers in Residence in December, and Mr Meerson was on hand to meet potential customers.

Shoppers were able to purchase from a specially curated selection of Meerson watches as well as commission their own personal Meerson design.


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