Sub-£3000 Chinese tourbillon shortlisted for Oscars of Swiss watch industry


Beijing Watch Company has managed to get a timepiece through the first round of voting for the prestigious Grand Prix D’Hologerie De Geneve (GPHG) awards.

All watches pre-selected by the jury are invited to take part in a travelling exhibition that this year touches down in Milan, Dubai, Geneva, Taipei and Mexico City.

The Beijing State of Mind watch is shortlisted in the Tourbillon and Escapement category alongside pieces from industry giants such as Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Zenith and Arnold & Son.


Priced at £2760, it costs £11,000 less than the next cheapest watch, a £14,000 TAG Heuer Chronograph COSC Tourbillon Heuer 02T, although the TAG does also come with an interchangeable Connected Modular 45 with ceramic bezel smartwatch in the same package.


Beijing Watch Company State of Mind


The Beijing Stage of Mind is a manual-winding mechanical watch with a 63 hour power reserve.

The 42.5mm steel case houses a Chinese-made BG080102 movement hooked up to hours and minutes hands, a power reserve display and a tourbillon on a slate grey dial.

The tourbillon has a rotating golden swallow, a popular symbol in Chinese culture.

The watch is limited to a production of 99 units.

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