Studio Underd0g pivots playful approach with meticulous detail for design


Studio Underd0g is set on injecting a bit of silliness into what it describes as an industry which can be very un-silly.

Despite a playful approach, the brand says it does not and will not joke around when it comes to design, explaining how every detail, texture, material, finishing and color of the watches has been meticulously thought through.

Using current-day machining techniques to emulate a mid-century vintage silhouette, design has integrated a refreshingly modern dial.


Studio Underd0g says the vibrant dégradé top-dial is something it is particularly proud of.

The varied size of the sub-dials is offset by the branding and movement details, which allows the chronograph seconds hand to pass through uninterrupted.

What’s up with the ‘0’?

Explaining where the brand name came from, the owner explained: “When coming up with our brand identity, it quickly became apparent that almost every ‘cool’ name had been taken in some form or another. (A problem that we’ve all faced when trying to find a username that’s available; be it for a forum profile or a character in an online game.)”

Adding: “We decided that our best bet would be to simply trade out the last ‘o’ for a ‘0’… There’s a reason ‘Passw0rd’ is a go-to password for so many of us! Now the ‘0’ is an important part of our brand identity.”

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