Studio Underd0g incorporates playful approach to fresh Mint Ch0c Chip release


Studio Underd0g prides itself on its playful approach to building a brand, but ensures there is nothing to joke about when it comes to design.

For its new Mint Ch0c Chip, every detail, texture, material, finishing and colour has been meticulously thought out as is for all of its watches.

The brand has used current-day machining techniques to emulate a mid-century vintage silhouette, while integrating a modern dial.


Richard Benc, the man behind the brand, explained how the “vibrant dégradé top-dial is something we’re particularly proud of.”

The varied size of the sub-dials is offset by the branding and movement details, which allows the chronograph seconds hand to pass through uninterrupted. Idiosyncratic, yet balanced.

As well as its focus on a playful approach, Studio Underd0g is also keen to champion fellow independent businesses.

Benc commented: “It’s incredibly exciting to see a resurgence of British brands in the horological space, and we want to play our part in helping this sector grow so we’ve partnered with two British Independent businesses.

“We’ve collaborated with David Richards, AKA; The Strap Tailor to offer a beautifully supple handmade Alran Chevre Goatskin strap as part of this new introduction. This luxurious goatskin strap is made with a unique multi step tanning process that takes almost a month to complete. The lining is Haas Zermatt which is comfortable on the wrist and resistant to sweat and moisture.”

Adding: “We’ve also partnered with Horologium who will carry out a full independent QC inspection on all watches before they’re shipped out from the UK. The process includes demagnetisation, accuracy / rate review (3 positions) and regulation wherever necessary. A report card is included with every watch.”

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