Struthers London reveals Regency at Salon QP


Struthers London have unveiled their latest watch at Salon QP drawing on the husband and wife team’s expertise in antiquarian horology more than ever before.

The Struthers Regency has been designed by Rebecca Struthers, a specialist on 18th Century European watchmaking, and built by watchmaker and vintage restorer Craig Struthers.

The watch design draws on three eras of watchmaking with a signature trench case in either sterling silver, 18ct gold or platinum, inspired by timepieces from the early 20th Century with a solid silver dial hand engraved by master goldsmith Kristian Eyjolfsson in a classic 18th century champlevé style with centre piercing to reveal flashes of blued steel.


Inside the watch contains a heavily modified Omega 268 movement, visible through a sapphire crystal caseback.

Rebecca Struthers said: “There’s something very personal about the watches we make. Each one is completely hand-built to bespoke specifications and our clients enjoy a great deal of input, joining in the collaboration to build their watch. Hiding the movement under a second concealed back gives the wearer ultimate control over who gets to see the intimate workings of their watch. Along with the technical improvements, every movement uniquely hand engraved allowing for a great deal of scope to make a personal statement secret to the owner.”


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