Storm London hopes its Magnitor will sow seeds of global peace


Storm is doing its bit for world peace this month with the launch of Magnitor, a watch that makes a statement about global wars, nuclear threat and terrorism, the company says.

The watch looks like it would survive Armageddon with a steel plate in front of a dial that has an aperture in the shape of a bullet displaying the time.

Seconds are shown on a disk that rotates around a radiation sign, signifying a bold statement in the hope of ending wars and global uncertainties, Storm explains.

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The Special Edition Magnitor, available for a limited time only, is inspired by rebellion and love hopes to fight injustice one wrist at a time, the company adds.

The Magnitor with black or Storm’s trademark ‘lazer blue’ bullet detailing for £129.99.

Magnitor_Wrist Magnitor_Black

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