Storm founder revives memory of family heirloom timepiece for his latest creation


British watch and jewellery brand Storm is introducing its eight SKU Time Chain range of affordable unisex timepieces this month.

Prices start from £45 for silver and go up to £55 for gold and rose gold pieces.

The Time Chain name and design was given to the collection by Storm co-founder Steve Sun, who recalls a watch he inherited from his family before emigrating to the UK.


“He had always dreamt of moving to London and when the time finally came for him to spread his wings, his father wished him luck and presented him with a gift. Steve inherited a watch which had been passed down through the generations which he fondly named ‘Time Chain’ as it was a piece of history which had travelled through the family over a number of years. It was from this watch that the ‘Time Chain’ collection was born,” Storm explains.

Time Chain adopts a classic, modern design in a watch that is so affordable customers can purchase more than one so that they can match their outfits and moods to their watches.

“With classic looking watches being such a huge trend at the moment, we feel it is only right that Time Chain is brought back to life and we’re very excited to be able to offer these timeless styles at such a competitive price,” says Anna Lee co-founder of Storm.

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