Stoll & Co stretches its service and authentication operation into the UK


Stoll & Co, one of America’s most powerful service and authentication businesses, is expanding its reach to the UK.

Subsidiary RS Stoll & Company International will open its first facility this summer, WatchPro has learned.

Dayton Ohio-based Stoll & Co has pivoted from watch distribution into servicing, repair, refurbishment and authentication services as the market for pre-owned watches has exploded.


Industry legend Ron Stoll established Stoll & Co in 1982 and today employs 60 watch experts and claims to be the leading providers of watch repair services to watch manufacturers, retail jewelers and consumers in the USA.

Stoll & Co. stands behind the Authenticity Guarantee for every watch sold on eBay priced above $2,000, a deal that has catapulted the business into a different league.

Nearly eighty thousand new, pre-owned and vintage watches are marked with the Authenticity Guarantee badge on eBay.com, comprising an inventory of fine watches from brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Audemars Piguet and more.

“Here at Stoll and Co it is especially important that the process of authenticating is flawless and that we provide a first-class service to our partner and their customers for every watch sold over $2,000,” Mr Stoll says.

“It is a very important process and makes buying a luxury watch through a online platform safe and trustworthy.”

RS Stoll & Company International’s entry into the UK market could signal that eBay is looking to offer its Authentication Guarantee in that country.

eBay launched the guarantee in the United States last year and added Japan earlier this year.

Linda Brandwood has been appointed as UK Operations Manager and brings with her a wealth of Luxury Watch and Management experience, previously working with Swiss watch brands Rado, EBEL and Maurice Lacroix.

Recruitment of the new dedicated team to join RS Stoll & Company International, based in Greater West London has begun and will consist of a Specialist Watchmakers, Authenticators, and administrative support.

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