Start-up looks to shake up pre-owned watch marker online

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Fledgling pre-owned luxury website Watchr is hoping to make its mark in the UK watch industry.

Founded in 2016 by Claudio de Giovanni, its mission is to change the traditional ways of buying and selling luxury goods.

It aims to achieve this by breaking down the long-established barriers that exist in the trading of luxury goods, including the issue of limited stock due to geography, as well as inefficiencies in negotiations with dealers.

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Instead, Watchr will provide an online platform that brings together sellers and buyers directly, while guaranteeing transactions by physically inspecting each item sold.

After one year of trading and generating £250k in revenue, owner de Giovanni has high expectations for the second year of the Watchr project, and was enthused to meet a lot of movers and shakers at this year’s WatchPro Awards, which he attended.

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