Stars turn out for Montblanc’s Mark Makers inspiring marketing campaign

Cillian Murphy.

Irish Hollywood actor Cillian Murphy and South Korean international DJ Peggy Gou have become Mark Makers for Montblanc.

Mark Makers are the face of the brand’s What Moves You, Makes You campaign, which sets out to inspire people to express their full potential by doing what truly moves them, rather than following a more conventional path to success.

Film director Spike Lee, actor Taron Egerton, actor, singer and writer Chen Kun and actress Xin Zhi Lei have all featured in the campaign since it launched last year.

“Cillian and Peggy are both Mark Makers, inspiring individuals who embody the ethos of Montblanc. They are both living proof that when you do what inspires you with audacity and creativity, you lead a more fulfilling life.

Peggy Gou.

“In their own original ways, they both leave their mark in the world through their artistry and creativity, always driven by their passions and a higher purpose,” says Vincent Montalescot, Montblanc EVP marketing.

Mr Murphy and DJ Peggy Gou will promote Montblanc’s UltraBlack Collection, which includes a new 1858 Geosphere, a Summit smartwatch, leather pieces, writing instruments, fine stationery, and accessories.




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