Spoilt rich kids of London slated for flushing £7000 Rolex down the toilet


Rich kids flaunting their wealth online has become a tasteless sub-community of Generation Z.

But there is also a growing backlash against the brats as they have started destroying luxury goods just for fun.


British tabloids have uncovered evidence of them torching an £80,000 Mercedes and, even more sacrilegiously, flushing a Rolex down the toilet.

The footage is grainy, but the watch appears to be a green faced Rolex Submariner.

A 2011 edition of the same watch is currently for sale online with Watch Finder for £6850.

Assuming it made it round the U-bend, the watch is likely to end up at a sewerage treatment plant where there is every chance it will still be running.

The Rolex is, after all, certified waterproof to 300 metres.


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