Specialist Heuer watches site relaunches and strikes new partnership


Vintageheuer.com, the specialist in buying and selling classic Heuer watches, relaunched its website this week to make it more user-friendly and unveil some new and important watches to collectors.

The company has also inked a partnership with TAG collectors platform, Calibre 11, that will see it provide information on newly-arrived watches to readers of the site.

Vintage Heuer was founded by Jonathan Scatchard in the early 2000s, well before any Heuer-focused websites existed. Together with business partner Guy Nelson-Bolton, the team have grown their business over the years, including the launch of www.vintagewatchshop.com to cover other watch brands.


In the short-term, the main change that Calibre 11 readers will see will be at the Calibre 11 Forum, where Scatchard will join as a moderator on the Vintage Heuer Board.

As well as helping to answer any vintage-focused questions, the vintageheuer.com team will also post details of newly arrived watches first at the Heuer forum, so that visitors will get the first chance to jump on rare pieces as soon as they’re added.

New links to vintageheuer.com will also be added to the Calibre 11’s ‘Ultimate Guides’ archive, which will link through to the stock of that particular model at vintageheuer.com.

“The driving rationale for this is quite simple- coming up with better ways to help Heuer and TAG Heuer collectors find the watches that they’re looking to buy,” the site said.

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