Speake-Marin commission houses world’s oldest rum


Boozy watches appear to have become a thing after Peter Speake-Marin has created a watch containing a vial of antique rum for a Polish collector’s club.

It is the second such watch developed in partnership with Wealth Solutions, the first was an Armin Strom containing a vial of antique Cognac announced in February.

The rum at the heart of this Speake-Marin is from 1780, making it the oldest rum in the world. The bottle was discovered in the cellars of the Harewood estate in 2011 having first been laid down at the beginning of the 19th Century.


Wealth Solution is described as an expert in building collections of rare alcoholic beverages, works of art, and watches.

The single-handed watch with a 50 hours power reserve is available in titanium or in 18k red gold Piccadilly case – characteristic of the Speake-Marin manufacture. The crown is set with a cabochon made of aquamarine for the titanium watch or rubellite for the 18k gold case. One hundred numbered examples will be made, 80 in titanium and 20 in red gold exclusively for Wealth Solutions.

The positioning of the vial of rum at the 11 o’clock position references the time when Royal Navy sailors were issued their daily rum ration, roughly 70ml.

As much as we at WatchPro appreciate fine watches and spirits, we can’t help feeling we’d appreciate them more separately.


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