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Solgaard stands out from the crowd with line of oversized hexagonal watches


Crowd-funding born company Solgaard has just launched its first line of watches. The pieces pride themselves on their easy readability due to the choice of a hexagonal case rather than the traditional circular cases.

The hexagonal timepieces join a company which already sells unique luggage solutions, such as a solar powered bag to power your phone and a carry-on suitcase which has a shelving system pop out.

According to the company: “There are six corners and this makes it faster for our brain to associate the time with a certain corner of the watch. This feature is called glimpse-tech, making it possible to check the time without needing to raise ones wrist.”

The watch family itself consists of six variants, three on the men’s and three on the women’s. On the men’s side, the watches come in an all black version with a black leather strap, a white version with a black leather strap and a version with a black case and white dial, sporting a brown leather strap. All the pieces house a Japanese Miyota GL30 Quartz Movement which is within the 45mm case. The women’s side, which is the same size and same movement comes in rose gold with three different strap options, grey suede, pink suede and a stainless steel pink gold mesh strap.

The watches have been released for $199 and are available online for purchase at https://solgaard.co



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