Snoopy appears on Timex moon watch collection to celebrate 1969 Apollo missions


Timex is tapping into the lunar landing’s 50th anniversary hysteria by joining forces with NASA and Charlie Brown comic strip Peanuts to produce a watch with Snoopy standing on the moon.

Peanuts characters have a deep association with the Apollo program to land men on the moon.

The Apollo 10 mission, the final dress rehearsal ahead of the Apollo 11 flight that took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon, used Peanuts characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy as NASA call signs for the command module that orbited the moon and the lunar module that was supposed to land on the surface but never made it and was lost into space.


Peanuts creator Charles Schulz also drew mission-related artwork for NASA during the Apollo program.

Five special editions of Timex’s Weekender and MK 1 watches have been created, two with leather straps and three on Nato straps.

On leather, there is a dark blue or white dialed model with Snoopy planting the American flag on the moon.

On the fabric strap, depictions include Snoopy floating through space, another has him standing on the moon with a stylized sunrise creating a rainbow halo around him.

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