Sneaker Freaker designs vampire display G-Shock Redback to mark Halloween in the watch’s 35th anniversary year


Australian streetwear specialist Sneaker Freaker has come up with a commemorative G-Shock to mark the watch’s 35th anniversary as well as 15 years since the first Sneaker Freaker magazine was published.

The special edition Redback DW-5700 watch is laden with subtle conceptual flourishes and personal observations from Australian entrepreneur Simon Wood, the creator of Sneaker Freaker and noted G-Shock fanatic who owns more than 300 models.

Sneaker Freaker’s G-Shock design was inspired by one of Australia’s deadliest spiders, the redback, which despite their small stature, can deliver a deadly neurotoxin that can prove fatal to humans.


The limited edition watch will be launched online on October 31 — Halloween night— and comes in coffin-inspired packaging. The watch comes in matte grey resin with a blood red LCD screen, which G-Shock fans call the Vampire display.




“I love nerding out on the details and those red-faced ‘20th Tribute Series’ watches are some of my favourite Gs of all time. They still trade hands among collectors for big money! When the Redback concept came together, the ‘Vampire’ display just had to happen, but there were several technical hurdles to overcome. This is a highly personal nod to my love of G-Shock, and I’m very grateful they allowed me to use the iconic red display,” says Mr Wood.

Global G-Shock retailers will sell the Redback DW-5700 from November 8.




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