SNEAK PEEK: First pictures of TAG Heuer’s newly opened London showroom

TAG Heuer Oxford Street

TAG Heuer opened its only directly-owned and operated showroom in the UK this week on London’s busiest shopping thoroughfare, Oxford Street.

The opening has had little fanfare so far, but images were posted to TAG Heuer’s Twitter account.

Rob Diver, managing director – Europe, for TAG Heuer, says that the flagship will be an important point of sale and marketing vehicle for the company, but he is not planning to build a wider network of owned and operated shops.

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“We have always been very focused on working with retailers. We do not have any flagships of our own, and we will only have one in the UK, the store opening on Oxford Street, in November,” Mr Diver told WatchPro.

“Any other stores we have, we want to be in partnership with retailers. Our growth is dependent on the quality of the relationships we have with our retailers. The growth with the business over the years has been achieved because of great quality partnerships. We want that to continue,” he added.


Inside the Oxford Street boutique that opened in November 2017.
Inside the Oxford Street boutique that opened in November 2017.

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