SNEAK PEEK: Inside refurbished The Watch Gallery at Selfridges


The Watch Gallery is half way through a major upgrade of its luxury watch space at London’s Selfridges.

Watchpro was given a tour of the new area by The Watch Gallery chairman David Coleridge on the day that the first phase was unveiled on December 23.

It was a revealing time to see the improvements, because half of the store was still in its original state; looking decidedly dated compared to the gleaming new area that had been completed.


The upgrade is not simply a cosmetic upgrade of old for new. The most profitable watch brands have been given considerably more display space, and better branding.

Mr Coleridge explained that every square inch of space within Selfridges has to be used as profitably as possible. But he thinks that by giving more breathing room to the biggest watch brands, he will sell more top end pieces at higher average transaction values.

Piaget currently has a prestigious corner position in the new gallery.
Audemars Piguet has already taken occupancy of its expanded position.


Vacheron Constantin has one of the highest average transaction values in The Watch Gallery.
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