Signet strives for equality following discrimination allegations

Gina Drosos, CEO of Signet Jewelers.

Signet Jewelers is confident that it now fosters an environment of equality between men, women and minoritieswithin its business.

The parent company of Kay Jewelers, Zales and Jared: The Galleria of Jewelry, is looking to promote an inclusive culture within its workforce after being accused of discrimination in 2017.

The company’s equality drive forms a key part of its recently revealed  three pillar plan, dubbed Signet Path to Brilliance. The plan was introduced in a bid to reinvigorate the group and prepare it for a future with fewer, higher quality, stores operating in tight alignment with an improved digital presence.


Chief executive officer Virginia Drosos, who joined Signet in August last year, told Yahoo Finance that a key part of Signet’s mission to transform the company’s culture and create an inclusive workforce.

75% of Signet’s employees are women and 68% of the field leadership positions are filled by women, she states.

“Firstly, I’d say, number one, I have a track record throughout my career of building diverse teams and highly inclusive culture, so it’s very important to me that Signet lead in this area,” Ms Drosos told Yahoo Finance.

“The second thing is that I’ve reviewed all the data and I can say that now I’m very confident that we pay women equally for equal jobs with the same experience. We are really building a culture of diversity, inclusion, [and] respect. This is part of our transformation.

“Diverse teams make better decisions. They see each other’s blindspots” Ms Drosos said. “I think it’s true on working teams just as much as it is on boards. So, first and foremost, we want to get great executives on our board that have tremendous experience.

“That’s part of what we want to do is transform our culture so fabulous executives, who are also women, that will bring that diversity and help us see our blindspots.”

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