Shreve, Crump & Low owner David Walker dies

David Walker with sons Brian and Brad.

The family of David Walker, owner of Shreve, Crump & Low, have shared the sad news news that he has died.

In a moving message to customers and business partners, his wife Antonella, and three children Brian, Bradford and Olivia, say that David’s love for business and hard work was second only to his love for his family.

“David did everything for his family and his business,” they write. “His dream was to see his children continue his legacy with confidence, cohesion and, most importantly, happiness in their hearts. He will rest knowing his years of hard work will be continued by his three children with the same passion and energy,” the conclude.


WATCHPRO interviewed David and Brian over Zoom in the fall of last year, when they spoke optimistically about emerging from the challenges of the pandemic.

“We have weathered the storm, I would say, and hopefully it won’t come back and force us to close down again. If that doesn’t happen, we are expecting to have a pretty good year,” David Walker said.

He went on to describe how he came to own Shreve, Crump and Low after first building up his own independent jewelry business.

“I started my own business back in 1978 out of a small shop owned by my dad. He told me to get a real job because working for yourself is not all it’s cracked up to be. I took that as a challenge and started my business with $500.

“Over the years I built a very loyal clientele who want to buy the best and I was specializing in very high end diamonds, estate jewelry and I always loved watches.

“I grew that business from 1979 until 2006, which is when I had the opportunity to acquire Shreve, Crump & Low, and I went from eight employees to 98 employees.

“It was not easy in the early years up to 2010 with the global financial crisis years, but I learned some very valuable lessons and a great deal about running a business in a crisis and that has held me in good stead for this years’ challenge. There are a lot of parallels between the global financial crisis and [the pandemic] we are facing now.

“Once I had bought the whole company, it gave me the freedom to make my own decisions without having to consult with six other investors and our business has grown tenfold since that time. It also coincided with my children coming into the company. Brian does a great job running the Boston store and oversees our watches business and my other son Brad and daughter Olivia run our Greenwich, CT, store. We have had that store for eight years now,” he described.

Mr Walker’s family say he was immensely proud to own such an important Bostonian institution as Shreve, Crump & Low.

“He brought Shreve. Crump & Low to life through his energy, love for jewelry and fine timepieces and passion for life’s unique rarities,” they say.

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