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Seiko set to support IAAF World Championships


Seiko is preparing for the IAAF World Championships Moscow 2013 where it is the official timer. The championships are taking place in Moscow, from August 10 to 18, 2013.

As the official timer, Seiko is hoping to record some historical athletic moments in the range of events that includes the marathon, hurdles and relay.

Seiko has been the official timer of the IAAF World Athletic Series 12 times in a row. Its first was the IAAF World Championships in Rome in 1987. Seiko has supported the events by introducing a number of advanced systems to measure top athletes’ times and distances accurately and to provide spectators with event information quickly.


This championship will see the introduction of the newly developed full-colour LED panels for the field event board. The system features panels on three sides, meaning the displayed information can be easily viewed from any angle in a circular spectator stand.

New starting blocks will be introduced in track events where the position of the built-in speakers has changed from the rear to the front, so that a starter’s voice and start sound can be heard closer to athletes’ ears. The length of the foot plates is 8cm longer than Seiko’s conventional models. These larger foot plates allow athletes to push back more forcefully at the start.

A new TV commercial has been created using the “time slice method” based on the concept of slicing together moments from various sports when Seiko was measuring the time. It will be broadcast as the championship nears.

It can be seen here:


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