Seiko design guru honoured for 40-year watch career


One of Seiko’s top watch designers has been honoured with an award by the government of Japan.

Nobuhiro Kosugi was awarded the prestigious ‘Medal with Yellow Ribbon’, which is given to individuals who, through their diligence and perseverance in their professional activities, become public role models.Nobuhiro Kosugi Seiko

Mr Kosugi has been in involved in watch design development for about 40 years. Other than the three watches awarded by Good Design Award, he was also in charge of designing the Grand Seiko SBGJ005, which won the ‘Petite Aiguille’ prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève two years ago.


Mr. Kosugi is renowned for designing luxury watches that represent the distinctive Japanese sense of beauty. These watches are made together with Seiko’s master craftsmen Satoshi Hiraga, Kiyoshi Terui, and other Japanese craftsmen such as Urushi lacquer and enamel artists.

The overall design of the recently-launched FUGAKU Tourbillon Limited Edition, including the integration of the tourbillon, metal engraving and lacquer work, was all led by Mr. Kosugi.

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