Second man pleads guilty to Deacons Jewellers raid


A second man has pleaded guilty to a watch robbery at Deacons Jewellers in Marlborough.

The robbery took place on September 17 when 35-year-old Leroy Green was alleged to be part of a gang that robbed Deacons Jewellers, stealing watches and jewellery worth an estimated £350,000. The raid took place at 10am when the men entered the shop and smashed through cabinets.

Green made his plea by video link from prison at a hearing at Swindon Crown Court on Friday. He has been remanded in custody until December 20 when two further men of the five accused – 33-year-old Marcus Cohen and 33-year-old Paul Gallimore – are scheduled to submit pleas.

20-year-old Linton Summerfield has already made a plea of guilty and the final player, 19-year-old Cristian Coulson, has a preliminary hearing lined up for December 19.



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