Schofield Signalman DLC on the brink of a sell out


Schofield Watch Company has reported that it is down to final 10 pieces of its 100-piece limited edition run of the Signalman DLC.

Since launching at Salon QP, the watch has proved extremely popular and is now down to just 10 pieces remaining before the watch is sold out. It will never be made again.

The Signalman wrist watch is influenced by the great British lighthouses of the 18th and 19th centuries and the case back features an engraving of Smeaton’s Tower on the Eddystone rocks, which was the third lighthouse to occupy the hostile reef and now stands on Plymouth Hoe as a testament to great British engineering.

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The Signalman uses design elements from Fresnel lenses, which magnify and focus light, allowing lighthouses to be visible over great distances. The shape and circular engraving on the crown, the domed sapphire crystal set below the lip of the bezel, the buttress style lugs and large chamfer in the case body all represent this.

DLC is an acronym for Diamond like Carbon, which is a special coating applied to the stainless steel case components of the Signalman DLC to give it a near black finish.

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