Samsung smartwatch patent application looks startlingly similar to Apple Watch

samsung patent application

Electronic giants Samsung and Apple could clash again if a Samsung design patent application for a removable strap mechanism is seen as too similar to its own invention by Apple.

Samsung’s patent application states: “The band for adjustment may be coupled with the band for fixing through a structure, such as a separated buckle or a continuous integral buckle, through a magnetic attracting force, or through a hooked ring or hooked member.”

Apple Watch already uses a strap that could be described the same way, and the pictures accompanying the Samsung application do appear similar to those that might be used to illustrate an Apple Watch invention.

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It would not be the first time the two have called in the lawyers. Previously Apple has attempted legal action against Samsung for having software on its new phones that was challenged as too similar to Apple’s.

However, The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit did not agree with Apple and ended up allowing Samsung to carry on with its business as normal whilst Apple effectively lost $120 million in damages as Samsung did not need to pay anything.

The new Samsung wearable is expected to be out in the UK to major retailers at the end of August, whereas the Apple Watch 2 is opting for a September release. Both pieces are likely to be a similar price to their previous versions, around £269 starting for both.

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