SalonQP walks visitors through the history of world timers and travel watches


Two of the highlights of this year’s SalonQP are curated presentations within the main exhibition one plunging into the history of diving watches and the other charting a course through the development of world timers and travel watches.

Deep Time’s showcase of diving watches will explore how every aspect of design and engineering was affected by the life-preserving requirements of being able to clearly read and use a timepiece underwater. Most importantly, the engineers had to crack the problem of making their watches waterproof. The greatest strides were made during times of crisis, and World War II sparked a race to perfect diving watches for sailors and submariners.

Visitors to SalonQP will be able to view models from this era, as well as pieces that have made giant strides over the subsequent peacetime decades and their influence on contemporary timepieces.


Expect to see modern and historic pieces from masters of the deep including Rolex, Tudor, Oris, Omega and Breitling.

The Travel Through Time show makes the equally important connection between the great travellers and explorers of history and their influence on horological advances.

The most obvious is the creation of the very earliest marine chronometers by John Harrison and his contemporaries, which helped the earliest great explorers map the world.

The journey to the present day will be charted using timepieces from every era made by brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger LeCoultre.

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