Moritz Grossmann plays with light and shade with ATUM Pure M


Moritz Grossmann’s stand-out piece in its SalonQP collection this year is the ATUM Pure M, which unites three new features: the version in steel, the specially conceived calibre 201.0 with the Pure Classic Finish, and the translucent dial with an insert composed of thin woven steel filaments.

It is the third newcomer to the ATUM model family. On this watch, the letter ‘M’ stands for mesh, a steel fabric. The dial insert of the ATUM Pure M offers a glance at the Grossmann manual winder with pusher. The stainless steel and black oxidised steel case versions each come in limited 50-watch editions.

The slender bezel is aimed to be a striking element of the case. Positioned adjacent to the crown, the pusher is a telltale sign of the proprietary Grossmann winder, it says.


Grossmann’s designers conceived the dial. It is composed of six parts crafted on site in the manufacture. Eight prominent hour markers are sculpted out of the minute ring. The hour ring features the numerals nine, 12, and three in a contemporary typography style.

Light enters through the mesh dial insert, bringing out details of the heart of the watch. Both lancet-shaped hands are manually crafted from stainless steel and like the hour markers are filled with white ‘Hy-Ceram’.

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