Kari Voutilainen demonstrates in house movement powering its Vingt-8 enameled wristwatch


Kari Voutilainen’s SalonQP star is its Voutilainen ‘Vingt-8’ enamel wristwatch which is designed to encapsulate the brand’s philosophy.

The in-house movement of the Vingt-8 was designed, built, fabricated, finished and assembled in its entirety in Voutilainen workshops. The movement has a very large balance wheel manufactured in-house, allowing perfect regulation of the watch to within strict tolerances.

This is the first watch to have two escapement wheels in such a configuration, according to Kari Voutilainen. The escapement wheels give a direct impulse to the balance through the impulse roller/jewel. This escapement is extremely efficient and requires much less energy than traditional lever escapements, offering benefits in terms of longevity and stability in day-to-day use.

The balance-wheel bridge offers a view of the escapement and balance. It also allows the wearer to see the synchronized movements of the escapement wheels. The surfaces of pinions and wheels are completely flat and highly polished to within exceptionally uniform tolerances, says the watchmaker.

All finishing work on the main plate, steel parts, screws and bridges is by hand.

The dial of the watch is made entirely in the Voutilainen workshop and in the centre, there is transparent enamel which is highly polished. The hands are made from gold and steel, and are designed to have an elegant and visible metallic colour.



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