Canterbury-based Justin Richardson launches Octavo collection at SalonQP


Canterbury-based Justin Richardson will be launching his new Octavo watch collection at SalonQP – the first time the brand will feature at the show.

The Octavo range of British made watches, individually custom built in silver, 18ct gold or platinum, offers subtle committed to perfection, according to the brand.

Designed to be opulent and expressive, the watch range aims to advance British watch design, recognising that they are worn as pieces of jewellery as much as instruments for telling the time, says Richardson.


A freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, Richardson has built up a wealth of experience over the last 25 years, during which time he has received numerous awards for craftsmanship and design from the Goldsmiths’ Company Craft and Design Council. The Octavo watch collection itself has been awarded four prizes including the coveted Gold.

The range is inspired by the heyday of the British automotive industry and its classic dashboard instrumentation. As a bespoke jeweller Richardson says he has been able to approach this venture from a different perspective, combining his expertise in fine jewellery with his passion for watch making.

He says: “This bespoke range of watches has been designed to offer a range of options – silver, 18ct gold or platinum cases, diamond set crowns and cases, as well as choice of quartz, mechanical or automatic Swiss movements. Individual dials can also be commissioned, to add a personal touch to the timepiece, making it completely unique for the wearer.”

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