SalonQP: Atelier de Chronométrie


Atelier de Chronométrie makes its debut appearance on the independent watchmaking scene launching its first timepiece; a handmade chronometer made like in the bygone days with dedication, time and passion, it says. 

The Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona timepieces are exclusively created by hand, using age old ancient watchmaking techniques, without the use of modern machines, such as CNC.

Inspired by the 30’s and 40’s, the Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona timepieces are characterized by their simple and minimal case shapes that aim to enhance the dials. The manufacture of all the components such as the cases, dials, straps, buckles and boxes are also made by small artisanal companies, located in Barcelona and Meyrin.


Every Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona wristwatch is made to measure at the buyer´s request. Customers can choose the case material, type of dial design, and a wide range of options to customise the calibre. Each wristwatch is a one-off piece designed exclusively for a client and will not be duplicated for any other customer.

The design is characterized by a minimalist shaped case that focuses the attention on a two tone sector dial that offers an easy and precise time measurement and big sub-seconds like the antique competition chronometers. The hypnotic blued steel hands – an essential part of the time indication, which aim to enhance the whole concept of the chronometric look.

The calibre is based on the mythical Omega 30mm, (calibre 266). The calibre has 23 pieces completely handmade and was chosen because of its durability. The balance is a free sprung balance regulated by inertial screws and two massellottes made of 18ct white gold.

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