Ryan Pyle climbs on board at Glashütte Original


Glashütte Original has named Ryan Pyle as its latest brand ambassador.

The 43-year-old Canadian adventurer is an experienced world traveler, award-winning photographer and documentary filmmaker.

As an adventurer, Pyle is forever heading off to far-away places, always in search of cultural treasures, established traditions and natural beauty.


At the beginning of September 2021, he visited Glashütte Original at its home in Saxony. The Canadian globetrotter was accompanied by a Glashütte Original camera team, and by his Senator Cosmopolite.

On-site, Pyle learned all about the watchmaker’s different models, its long, eventful history and impressive craft skills, and met like-minded people here as well.

The Canadian globetrotter lost no time in putting one of the company’s latest creations to the test and picked up one of the stylish and robust SeaQ models in elegant reed green and took it with him on a challenging hike in “Saxon Switzerland”, a paradise for lovers of the outdoors.

As the film footage shows, the SeaQ proved an ideal sparring partner: the SeaQ family features sophisticated and robust timepieces that are certified DIN 8306 and ISO 6425 diver’s watches, combining the finest in precision mechanics with a genuine sporting spirit.

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