Rumours fly over Samsung smartwatch


Samsung Electronics are rumoured to be developing a smartwatch, with several reports appearing online this week relating to the timepiece’s development.

The suggestion that Samsung is in the midst of developing a wristwatch follow the rumours that Apple is creating a smartwatch – dubbed the iWatch – which have been circulating for several months without confirmation.

This week, however, several news sources have reported that Samsung is making its move into electronic timepieces, with the watch rumoured to perform similar taskts to its smartphones.


According to Reuters, a source close to the company said Samsung was "developing a wearable digital device similar to a wristwatch", but the source declined to be identified because Samsung did not want to reveal to the public any information about its new product line at this time.

However Bloomberg released a statement from Samsung mobile’s executive vice president Lee Young Hee, which confirmed that a Samsung timepiece is in the pipeline. He said: “We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long.

“We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”

Lee declined to comment on the watch’s potential features, however.

This month’s edition of WatchPro takes a closer look at the rising demand and market for smartwatches, speaking with a selection of UK watch retailers to gain their thoughts on this growing area of the market.

Keira Payne Gibbs, buyer at online watch retailer The Watch Hut, said that she would “definitely” consider taking on smart watches if the trend explodes: “Obviously Apple would be the ultimate goal, but I’d be open to other brands provided the technology was sound."

Meanwhile Matt Warren, director at online and bricks-and-mortar luxury watch retailer Jura CW Sellors, said of smartwatches: "We will be [taking them on]. But the appearance needs to improve on current models to appeal more to the luxury crowd. Apple will achieve this. Personally, I think this stuff will be big. Wearable tech is the future.”

To read the March edition of WatchPro and the smartwatch feature online, click here.

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